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90 days weight loss package


One can get their 90 days weight loss package prepared from the diet clinic. Losing your weight in 90 days is not a big problem; one must need to follow their diet plan strictly. We do not recommend the patients to skip their meal. In our 90 days weight lose package we recommend energetic foods, less fatty foods, fats burning foods.  In order to do any physical work energy is required and in order to get energy; nutritious food is required. So we recommend suitable food items to our patients.


Listen from dietician Sheela Sherawat about food items of 90 days weight loss plan


According to dietician Sheela Sherawat one must consume egg white and milk in their daily diet. This will maintain your appetite. It doesn’t add any extra fats to your body instead it provides the body with the required proteins and calcium that will keep you energetic whole day

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90 Days Package ( Rs 8500 )

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