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Plans and packages


The diet clinic provides various plans and package for weight loss and for other problems. One can easily manage to get their diet chart from the diet clinic. Coming up to the list of diet plan and packages available with the diet clinic we have the following diet plans

  1. Seven days trial package
  2. 30 days weight loss package
  3. 90 days weight loss package
  4. 180 days weight loss package
  5. 365 days weight loss package
  6. PCOD diet package
  7. Blood pressure diet package
  8. Seven days trial package.
  9. High-pressure diet package.
  10. Teenagers diet plan package.
  11. Menopause diet plan package.
  12. Diabetes diet plan packages.
  13. Detox diet plan packages.
  14. Keto diet plan packages.


The reason why the diet clinic set different plans and packages


The diet packages are set according to the numbers of days that are recommended to the people. We make diet plan packages so that we can know about the number of days the treatments are required.

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30 Days Weight Loss Package  90 days weight loss package  180 Days weight loss package  365 days weight loss package







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