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Ask Sheela


As per dietician Sheela Sherawat, one must not hide their problem. She believes that internet is available everywhere in today’s world, so no matter where you are you can reach the diet clinic through internet. In order to get in contact with dietician Sheela Sherawat, one have to open the link ask Sheela on the web page of the diet clinic, one can also get in contact with her from the mobile application of the diet clinic. After you click the option ask Sheela you will enter into a page and over there you have to type about your queries and doubts. Do not forget to mention your name there. You will get an answer in return to your question.


Know the reason why dietician Sheela set ask Sheela option for the people


The best advantage of ask Sheela facility is that one can easily get in contact with her and get their queries solved without bothering about their location.

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